Custom Collection

Custom Collection

Bag-a-Vie handbag shapers are a simple and beautiful solution to your handbag storage needs and are unlike any other product.* Simply place Bag-a-Vie in your handbag and it will preserve its shape and help protect it against moisture.** Our Bag-a-Vie custom Shaped Purse Pillows are made specifically for Kelly and Birkin bags to preserve their beautiful, unique shape for years to come. They will also fit many similar shaped bags that are wider at the bottom and taper at the top. Bag-a-Vie Birkin Custom Pillows Shapers are made to be stored with the bag open, straps slightly pulled in but not closed. Visit the Sizing Consultant for more essential tips on keeping your bags beautiful for many years to come.

*Only exclusive Bag-a-Vie Pillow Shaper inserts are protected under US Patent No. 9,265,315 and US Trademark No. 5,912,570. Do not accept lesser imitators.
**Bag-a-Vie’s ability to protect your handbag against moisture will depend on many factors including how humid the surrounding environment is.
You should always store all your leather products in a cool, dry place.