Tips For Keeping Your Birkin In Shape & Looking Like New

Tips For Keeping Your Birkin In Shape & Looking Like New

The jury is out on how to store your Birkins but we have thousands of users that report that keeping it stored properly and carrying it with love and care is the best start. Here’s what we have collected over the years and what we recommend from our research and actual trial and error.

– Always keep your bag away from light when not in use. Direct sunlight can fade your bag

– Keep it in it’s dust bag to prevent dust from settling. Wipe her down with a cleaning cloth for prolonged storage

– An occasional “spa treatment” will help with basic keep up and needed “touch-ups”

– Keep her in shape with a Purse Shaper. Some prefer the custom shaped pillows but for older bags, you may have to start with the 2 standard shaped pillows to reshape and “un-crease” , basically remold and relieve tension from years of sag

– Whenever possible, lay her down. Mix it up by alternating positions. Lying down, standing up or hung on a handbag hanger. Changing position will keep her in tip top shape

– Protect from moisture by throwing our Purse Shapers into the dryer ever month or so, more during humid times or during the summer and in very humid areas

– When storing, do not close your bag to prevent straps from stretching out and marking the hardware. You want to keep your bag well and fully formed