Spring’s almost here! Quick to do list to be Ready

Spring’s almost here! Quick to do list to be Ready

Hey guys! We made it. This winter has been pretty dreary for us here on the east coast but we’re so excited about warmer weather, brighter colors, our spring bags and wardrobe! Here’s a quick to do to get you prepped for the new season!

– Out with the old, in with the new

Donate, toss or store your no longer wanted winter clothing. You’ll feel great about “de-cluttering” your wardrobe, aka your life and hopefully help someone in need in the process. It’s a mental sign of a fresh start, new beginning of sorts!

– Clean your shelves and drawers to remove dust or dirt

   Dust build-up tends to get sticky with added humidity in warmer weather. A light cleaning will prevent build up on your wardrobe and bags (dust bags are recommended) plus improves the air quality in your closet too. Trust me, you’ll feel better!

– Prioritize pieces that can transition to spring

Look at trends and colors that will work for spring. Sometimes what’s old is new again with a fresh new spring accessory.

– Bring out spring-centric pieces

You want to bring season appropriate clothing to the forefront of your closet because out of sight really is out of mind. This gives you some time to review your wardrobe and wear what you have.

– Change out your closet freshener for a lighter, more spring like scent

Some of the best memories are jarred by scent. We love our “change of season” scents to put us in the spring mindset. Nothing puts a smile on your face like a refreshing new scent!

– Switch out winter bags for spring bags…make sure to store properly

Move your spring bags to the front and winter bags to the bag. Be sure to clean out the inside and refresh your Purse Pillow Shapers in the dryer for 30 minutes to regenerate their moisture absorbing qualities. Take this time to also re-postion or change them to insure your bags stay beautifully stored and protected.

– Make sure those boots are properly stored with forms

Wipe your boots to remove dust or dirt and place boot shapers inside to keep them fully formed.

– Replace your organizers, they’re the first line of defense in protecting your bags

Your organizers act like a “second skin” inside your bag. Be sure to clean them out and replace if they are soiled from make-up or spills. You’ll love the clean new look and feel, plus an organized bag makes life just a little easier!