Reasons Why You Should Buy a Purse Pillow Shaper

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Purse Pillow Shaper

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Purse Pillow Shaper

Purse Pillow Shapers are simple yet practical fixes for the long-term storage of designer handbags. If you store bags that lack any fill for an extended period, the leather or material can crumble within, forming creases and folds in those areas.   

Eventually, these areas become weak and crack. Purse Pillow Shapers ensure your handbags and purses remain in their original shape and condition.  

Stuffing your purse is essential to extend its life and ensure proper care. A Purse Pillow Shaper reinforces and supports the bag with its material and structure. Without this support, the bag will slump and become dis-formed with time.   

A Purse Pillow Shaper also enhances the shape of your bag. For bags without a sturdy build, a Pillow Shaper helps to fill the body, preventing the purse from creasing, so the leather retains its smooth form.  

Let’s explore Purse Pillow Shapers in-depth, their benefits, and why you need one.  

What is a Purse Pillow Shaper? 

A Purse Pillow Shaper is a bag pillow insert that you place inside your bag to ensure it retains the original shape when not in use.

It’s the perfect solution for both long and short-term purse storage needs. By shaping your purse, the pillow shaper enhances the durability and the original form of your bag.  

With our PATENTED properties, it also absorbs moisture from within in. Best of all, you can regenerate it’s protective quality by simply refreshing in your dryer once a month as needed.  

US Patent No. 9,265,315 and US Trademark No. 5,912,570 

Why Do You Need a Purse Pillow Shaper? 

Purse Pillow Shapers help maintain your bag’s shape and make it more firm when in storage. Our design provides a sturdy, soft base to protect your bag from sagging.

The soft material, edges, and rounded corners are gentle on the interior lining as well. Your purses remain upright and retains a more structured look.

When Should You Use a Purse Pillow Shaper? 

Purses with a soft structure require stuffing. If they remain creased for an extended period, they develop noticeable creases. The wrinkles reduce your bag’s value and lifespan.  

Totes, hobos, and soft structure purses require a Purse Pillow Shaper because they are most likely to get misshapen. They have no mechanism to stand independently, so they bend and crease  while in storage. 

 Although structured purses can maintain their general shape when in use, if left un-stuffed, the body will begin to sag.  

Purse Pillow Shapers have sufficient fill to form the body yet are lightweight and provide gentle support to the lining. 

Rigid or sturdy bags made of leather also require stuffing when in long-term storage. Over time, the interfacing layer and the leather become soft, causing the bag’s shape to shift. Inserting Purse Pillow Shapers in such bags will protect them from misshaping. 

The pillows also absorb moisture and prevent that musty smell. US Patent No. 9,265,315 and US Trademark No. 5,912,570  

What Are Purse Pillow Shapers Made of? 

Our Purse Pillow Shapers are made of pre-washed luxurious satin or cotton blend herringbone material. The smooth, luxurious fabrics ensure there’s no damage to your valued purses.  

The inner fill is made of hypoallergenic fibers. Our moisture absorbing property is re-generative and is surface cleanable. 

What Are the Sizes of Base Shapers? 

Our Purse Pillow Shapers are made in universal sizes that suit most handbag styles and shapes. Our Classic collection Purse Shapers can be used alone or multiple pillows together to create that perfect fit for any handbag. However, it’s essential to ensure that the size you select is appropriate for your purse. If it’s too small, it will not serve the intended purpose.  

If your Purse Pillow Shaper is too big, it can stress the inner lining causing it to expand out of shape.  

The Original and Best Purse Pillow Shapers Available in the Market

Custom Collection Hermes Pillow Shapers 

Our Custom Collection Purse Pillow Shapers are specifically designed for Hermés Birkin and Kelly bags. These specially shaped pillow inserts perfectly fit your valuable purses and totes, and maintain the fresh, new look for years.  

Our Custom Hermes Purse Pillow Shapers are a must-have for your Kellys and Birkins plus most other similarly shaped luxury bag. They are as chic,  classy and stylish as your designer handbags and closet! 

Our Purse Pillow Shapers have our PATENTED  moisture-absorbent quality wrapped in a luxurious package. It protects your masterpieces from excessive humidity and moisture from within when in storage.  

Our Purse Pillow Shapers are perfect for totes, satchels, hobos, shoulder bags and more! They prevent creasing, maintain your bags’ shape when not in use, and preserve the resale value of your designer bags. Plus always be showcase ready in your designer closet.  

Surface-clean only, and ReFresh their moisture absorbing qualities by placing in your dryer for 30 minutes once a month. 

Tips When Using Hermes Pillow Shapers 
  • When your Pillow Shaper arrives, remove from plastic, gently massage the pillow as fibers may shift during shipping. Gently insert in your handbag. Store your bag in a clean, dry place away from harsh or hot lighting and direct sunlight 
  • Ensure you purchase the right Pillow Shaper size to avoid over-stuffing your bag. It can cause your bag’s structure to misshapen. If you are unsure of the right size for your bag, please ask for assistance 
  • Once you insert the Pillow Shaper, DO NOT close your Birkin bag as it stretches and marks the straps. Instead, tighten the belts to ensure moderate internal support during storage. Our Custom Shapers are designed to store the Birkin open. 
  • After placing the Pillow Shaper inside the bag, apply gentle pressure with open palm front-to-back to helps to secure the Pillow Shaper in the appropriate position 
  • If you live in a humid environment, Refresh your Shapers every month and replace every 2 years, as needed 

Classic Collection Purse Pillow Shapers Available by Size 

Our Purse Pillow Shapers are available in five universal sizes. All our the Pillow Shapers absorb excessive moisture while maintaining the bag’s shape, and prevent creasing. They protect your bags against humidity from within. 

The luxurious fabric is surface clean only, and the fill is made of soft hypoallergenic fibers for your protection.   

Classic Tres Mini Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These purse shaper pillows are simple, elegant solutions with dimensions of 7″ x 4.5″ (17.78 cm by 11.43 cm) and 

Classic Mini Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These mini pillow shapers measure 9″ x 4.5″ (22.86 cm by 11.43 cm) to provide adequate support to your handbags. 

Classic Petite Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These easily-refreshed petite pillow shapers measure 12″ x 5.5″ (30.48 cm by 13.97 cm). 

Classic Medi Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These easy-to-use pillow shapers measure 14″ x 7.5″ (35.56 cm by 19.05 cm). 

Classic Grande Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These moisture-absorbent pillows measure 14.5″ x 11″ (36.83 cm by 27.94 cm). 

Custom Purse Pillow Shaper  

The custom purse pillows shaper has a unique shape and specific design that suits Kelly and Birkin bags. 

You can also use them in other bags of similar shape and size: a wider bottom and a tapered top.  

Custom Birkin 25 Handbag Pillow Shaper 

This Custom-made pillow shaper is specifically for the Hermes Birkin bag size 25. The size and shape is a perfect fit, as it measures 10” x 6.5” x 5” (25.4 cm by 16.51 by 12.7 cm) 

Once you place the Pillow Shaper in your Birkin bag, we recommend you store them laying down to prevent added stress on the body. 

Custom Birkin 30 Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These custom pillow shapers are ideal for the Hermes Birkin bag size 30. It measures 10″ x 7″ x 5.25″ (25.4 cm by 17.78 cm by 13.335 cm). 

The elegant, pre-washed fabrics ensures no color transfer to your valuable handbags. 

Custom Birkin 35 Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These custom-made pillow shapers perfectly fit the Hermes Birkin bag size 35. They provide adequate support for the Hermes Birkin bag with measurements of 11.75″ x 8.5″ x 6.5″ (29.845 cm by 21.59 cm by 16.51 cm).

Custom Kelly 28 Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These lavish pillow shapers have the shape and size to fit the Hermes Kelly bag size 28. This simple yet effective solution has dimensions of 9″ x 6″ x 3.5″ (22.86 cm by 15.24 cm by 8.89 cm). 

Custom Kelly 35 Handbag Pillow Shaper 

These pillow shapers have a custom design that adequately supports the Hermes Kelly bag size 35. The dimensions are 12″ x 8″ x 4″ (30.48 cm by 20.32 cm by 10.16 cm). 

Purse Pillow Shapers Tips and Best Practices

Purse Pillow Shapers Tips and Best Practices

  1. High-quality Purse Pillow Shapers Have a Versatile Design.
    Depending on the bag’s shape and size, you can use one pillow or mix and match sizes and positions for that perfect fit. 
  2. You can Mix and Match the Sizes to Fit Various Bags. 
    Remember that the sizes provided are flat, the fill reduces the measurements. Once you place the pillow inside your bag, the pillow size expands to it’s intended size. 
  3. Ensure You Wipe Down Your Purse Before Storage. 
    Before you store your designer bag, it’s best to wipe the surface with a soft dry or wet cloth based on the bag’s material (leather care products available for cleaning in our leather care section).
    Ensure you empty the bag’s contents and remove any dirt or lose particles. You can use a lint roller on the interior lining to remove dust particles. 
  4. Avoid Over-stuffing Your Bags. 
    It’s essential to take extra care when determining the size to use. Do not over stuff the interior. 
  5. Be Sure to Wrap Any Exposed Hardware. 
    Exposed hardware often rests on the bag’s delicate exterior. Wrapping (chain handle wraps available) prevents the hardware from leaving indentations or impressions on the leather or soft fabric. It also protects the hardware from dust and light exposure during storage. 
  6. Keep Your Designer Bags in Dust Covers.
    Most designer bags come with a dust cover from the manufacturer or brand. The purpose of these covers is to offer an extra layer of protection from dust, scratches, and minor damages. We also offer protective Herringbone dustbags in 4 sizes. 
  7. Leave Some Space Between Your Bags in Storage. 
    Regardless of whether your bags are inside dust covers, it’s best to leave reasonable space between them. It prevents the bags from rubbing or denting. 
  8. Invest in Handbag Hangers 
    If your designer bags are best hung when stored, avoid hanging them on nails or hooks when not in use. Consider our beautiful hangers that are worthy of your designer closet.
    Quality handbag hangers have an elegant design that beautifully blends in with your closet. For closets, parties or party favor gifts,  these purse hangers are easy to use and available in your choice of luxurious, high gloss molded black or white plastic or metal silver and gold tone to match your style. 
    If the straps are removable, it’s best to detach them and place them in the provided space inside the bag. It protects the straps from getting disfigured or squished and prevents contact damage between the bag and the straps. 
  9. Store the Bags in a Climate-controlled Space When Possible 
    Designer handbags should remain away from heat-emitting artificial lighting and direct sunlight. The ideal space should be cool, dark, and free from excessive humidity. 
    Hot environments cause water vapor to accumulate within the leather or soft fabric.
    Climate-controlled spaces also protect your valuable bags’ leather from deteriorating.  

Purse Pillow Shaper Materials to Avoid 

It may be tempting to use any available materials to cut costs. However, it’s essential to note that some materials while convenient are harmful to leather goods. 

  • Small Decor Pillows 

Décor pillows may appear small enough to serve the purpose. However, their shape is improper, and hence they provide inadequate support for your purse. If you squeeze them into the bags, they will cause the bag’s material to stretch and bulge. 

  • Air Pillows 

Air pillows are plastic and should not be inserted into leather goods for any period of time.   

  • Plastic Grocery Bags 

Plastic bags should never be an alternative to a Purse Pillow Shaper. Most bags have printed ink that can discolor the interior lining of your purse, regardless of whether you turn the bags inside out, they are still plastic. 


Designer handbags and purses are a significant investment for most people. This is evident in the matching price tag, so it’s essential to sufficiently protect and care for them. It’s the best way to ensure you enjoy the benefits of your investment for years to come. 

Bag-a-Vie Purse Pillow Shapers are an elegant and practical solution. They ensure your purses and handbags retain their original shape and value while in storage. We protect your investment from within. 

They have a classy design to match the treasures they protect. Each piece contains PATENTED moisture-absorbing capabilities, neatly packaged in gorgeous, soft pillows.  

Browse your purse pillow today and safe-guard your masterpieces for years to come.