Hey Hermes Owners, you’ve got options!

Hey Hermes Owners, you’ve got options!

Who doesn’t love their Kellys and Birkins?!! We cherish them, covet them and want to protect them. Now you have options on how to do that. Bag-a-Vie has 2 ways:

First, our specially shaped Kelly and Birkin Purse Pillows will keep your bags in tip top shape when used right away. Their custom shape, size and firmness will do the trick. Don’t forget to throw your Bag-a-Vie Purse Pillows in your clothes dryer in the beginning of every season. This will regenerate our moisture absorbing element inside.

Second option is to use our original system of using 2 rectangular shaped Bag-a-Vie Purse Pillows, alternating  between side by side placement and flat stacked placement. This option will help reshape an older bag which already has some sag and creasing. By using 2 Purse Pillows, you have better control in placement and firmer support to actually help get your bag back into shape!

And, always remember to place your bags flat to prevent gravity from doing it’s dirty work!