Caring for your leather bag 101, a step by step

Caring for your leather bag 101, a step by step

At last, you’ve bought thee Bag! The coveted, lusted after, awesome bag! What now? How do you keep it looking great for a long time. How do you protect, store and use properly to get the most bang for your buck? Over the years, we’ve put together a simple list that can help.


  • Always store in a dry, cool place (humidity will attract mildew)
  • After using your bag, empty it’s contents and clean off any residue prior to storing
  • Always stuff your bag to maintain proper shape
  • Keep away from direct light to prevent fading
  • Keep your bag dust free by placing in a duster free of harsh dyes
  • Never store bags touching skin to skin
  • Never store bags in plastic bags or containers
  • When possible lay your bag to prevent creasing
  • Protect leather from chain handles


  • Never pace your bag on the floor
  • Do not use in rain
  • Use an organizer to protect the interior from spills and staining
  • Do not over-stuff
  • Do no subject your bag to excessive light and heat


  • Clean minor stains ASAP
  • Consult a leather professional for more difficult issues
  • Polish your hardware with a soft cloth often
  • As needed take your bag in for a “spa_treatment”, they work wonders

How Bag-a-Vie can help…

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