5 Must Haves for Storing and Protecting your Designer Bags

5 Must Haves for Storing and Protecting your Designer Bags

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend than designer handbags must be their soul mate! Designer handbags have become a must have staple for suburban housewives and stylish woman (and even men), alike! We all want them! Now some sure fire ways to keep them looking great! Here are some great tips and product ideas to protect your investments! These 5 tips will add years of life to your handbag collection and you’ll love using them too!

Problem #1: Keeping your bag in Shape

Keeping your bag looking great and in its original shape is always a challenge which is why you need to start within. The most common mistake we make is over-stuffing our bags! Too much, well, is really too much! It can misshape your bag and stretch out the leather. Handbags such as the Hermes Birkin is often made of soft and supple leather that is luxurious to the touch but improper storage can compromise the structure, quality and use ability of one of the world’s most valued handbags.

Solution #1: Bag-a-Vie Purse Shaping Pillows from $29 – $49

This versatile handbag storage solution has been designed specifically to be compatible with todays’ hottest and most sought after handbags including Birkin and Kelly bags. What’s even more impressive is Bag-a-Vie’s great customer service and FREE storage consultations. They take the guess work out of handbag storage with their sleek design that features patented moisture absorbing technology.

Problem #2: Packing away your Handbags

Let’s face it; some handbags simply aren’t made for the box. For many handbag collectors, seeing the handbag is almost as much fun as wearing it! Unfortunately, if left uncovered your purse can be susceptible to dust, moisture and other elements that don’t lend itself to longevity. This next product allows for equal parts storage and equal parts admiration…

Solution #2: Luxury Bag Display’s Case Model C Medium Designed for Chanel Classic Flap – $69.99

Similar to our first solution, this product has been made specifically for your most cherished designer handbags. Made of premium polished clear acrylic it is as durable as it is beautiful! Now display your coveted bags as art! What I love about this handbag storage solution is the use of acrylic vs plastic. Luxury Bag Display really hit a home run with side air ventilation and hooks for the handbag chain.

Problem #3: Everyday Access

What about storage solutions for your everyday shoulder or cross-body bag? Maybe you’re tired of putting your handbag on the counter, couch or floor. Our next solution is perfect for storing one of several everyday handbags.

Solution #3: Bag-a-Vie’s Handbag Hangers $24-$79

This sophisticated handbag hanger fits seamlessly into your dream closet and allows for easy access to your everyday handbags. Available in Black repurposed polished plastic or Gold and Chrome metal. Art and function combined!

Problem #4: Driving while Pursing

Taking an Uber or LYFT to an evening out is always fun but what about when you are running errands and you need a safe place to store your handbag! This next solution is designed specifically for keeping your most valued purse possessions in a safe and convenient space.

Solution #4: The Car Cache; Car Handbag Holder – $14.99

The Car Cache is an easy to install safety net for your handbag! It helps prevent messes, damage and excessive handbag reaching when driving around. The best part is it fits almost any size and any style handbag which is super convenient for handbag collectors and connoisseurs.

Problem #5: Keeping the inside of your bag clean and organized

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives! Worrying about the inside of your bag is one thing we shouldn’t be concerned about, so why not use a “second skin” and be organized too!

Solution #5: The Bag-a-Vie Organizer $19-$34

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives! Worrying about the inside of your bag is one thing we shouldn’t have to do, so why not use a “second skin” and be organized too! Great canvas design with pockets galore helps you stay organized and protect the inside of your bag too!